Character Advancement

Advancement Points
Some of these will come from your Plot Points, but you will also receive Advancement Points at the end of every adventure. Depending on the length and difficulty of the adventure, you will generally get from 3 to 6 Advancement Points, in addition to any saved from your Plot Point Pool, at the end of each adventure. During Character Downtime, these points can be spent to increase an Attribute or Skill, buy new Skills, or save them for a big upgrade during a big period of Downtime.

Character Improvement
Generally, Advancement Points can be spent to improve a cahracter only in-between game sessions, and only to improve a single skills or attribute by one die type or to purchase a new skill at the D2 level.

Advancement (Table 1-4; p37 of the Core Rulebook)

Die Type Skill Point Cost Attribute Point Cost
D2 2
D4 4
D6 6 24
D8 8 32
D10 10 40
D12 12 48
D12 + D2 14 56
D12 + D4 16 64
* Removing Complications* There are two elements in removing complications
  1. Having the points you need to buy them off
    Removing a Minor Complication costs 10 Advancement Points
    Removing a Major Complication costs 20 Advancement Points
  2. Having a reasonable explanation to the GM as to why you should be able to buy off your complication, which could cost you some in game Assets as well.

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