Although it is home to many large farming communities, Beylix has been given the distinction of being the systems’ garbage dump, or more fancily called the “reclamation and recycling center”.

The scrap yards and refuse centers are managed by United Reclamation, which owns property all over the planet. Soon after the company began dumping trash here, it’s agents reported that scavengers were coming to pick over the remains. It turns out that the Central “Core” Planets trash was the Rim Planets treasure.

United Reclamation responded to this by licensing junk dealers. Some entrepreneurs began selling rebuilt ships – everything from old Starfinders to out-of-service Firefly class vessels. Others devised creative uses for scrap, either jury-rigging old technology into something useful or turning it into art and selling it back to the Central “Core” Planets where it decorates office lobbies.

Beylix is the place to start a new live, as you can often find an old ship and the parts to get her flyin’. Beylix is also a good place to drop off smuggled goods, as The Alliance and the Corporations has little need to pay attention to this trash heap.

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