A large tropical belt on Greenleaf has created massive jungles and rain forests. Tropical plants provide a variety of life-saving drugs that cannot be easily synthesized in a laboratory. Major drug companies set up shop on Greenleaf, providing the bulk of work for the locals.

Some of Greenleaf’s residents, seeing the enormous profits that were being made, began to make “clippings” of pharmaceutical plants and grow them privately to sell on the black market. The problem became so great that the drug companies began engineering new plant strains with traceable genetic tags, so that confiscated merchandise could be traced back to the original plant. The technique has not led to any major arrests, mostly because there are dozens of small cartels, and they are difficult to track down in the jungle.

The Alliance is aware of the drug-smuggling problem out of Greenleaf, and they are clamping down on enforcement. Landing is more restricted on Greenleaf than other Rim Planets, though smugglers who know the jungle can always find ways to sneak through.

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