A small planet suited for cattle ranching and foresting and little much else. Jiangyin is dotted with small towns, where folk go about their business without much interference from the outside. Those who do come out here from off-world usually have goods to sell to the ranchers and foresters.

Since the planet really has nothing of value, it is ignored by The Alliance, which doesn’t even bother to patrol it. Jaingyin has no central government. Each town or village is left to govern itself. It is one of the most primitive and backward planets, its people in such desperate need that they are forced to steal what they can’t acquire by lawful means – such as doctors to treat their sick.

The people of Jiangyin are a simple lot, especially those who live apart from what little civilization there is. These “hill folk” are superstitious and mostly uneducated, easy prey for unscrupulous leaders. A strong show of force is usually enough to intimidate them.

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